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Photovoltaic installation

Photovoltaic installation

In our path of work-school alternation we have collaborated with the “Girasole” green economy company and with Ing. Giambattista scocuzzo who taught us from the basics, how to install a photovoltaic system giving us all the necessary instructions, following us step by step.

To do all this, you must first complete a form with a whole series of data.

To start, you have to take all the data of the customer to mount the system, then personal data and customer type, or if the customer is a private individual, public body or for a company.

Then we move on to the type of installation, whether it is a building or a piece of land.

In the case of the building, it is necessary to indicate whether it is a flat roof or a pitched roof and specify the presence of a balustrade. If instead it is a land, you must indicate whether it is flat, sloping or terrace. Obviously we must refer to the type of roof that the building has, so if the roof is 1 or more pitches or if it is flat and specify the shape and type of tiles

Logistic information is very important. It is necessary to know if the installation site is in a limited traffic area and if the area has the road of sufficient size for access and for maneuvers and possibly list possible problems for unloading. You also need to know the installation area: whether it is in an urban area, on the outskirts, in an agricultural area or in an area free of obstacles and of course the region.

The most important part is to indicate the electrical characteristics of the system to be installed.

It is necessary to specify: Supply, position, inverter space contactor, technical compartment position, distances between inverter, generator and general panel and make sure that everything is in accordance with the law.

Finally, a map is drawn where there must be all the useful information for the engineer.

We class 4E have simulated the installation of the system on our school and each of us has compiled their own card with all the information useful to our school with the help and directions of the engineer. Giambattista Scocuzzo and Raffaele Cambriglia company manager.

It was a really useful and interesting experience.

Alessia Matera

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